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UPDATE: 6/24/2024:
It’s been a long journey getting back into the swing of things. Still using Motrin and a back brace to play, but I am keeping a light schedule up. I’m doing three sometimes four shows a week but nothing like my five to seven shows in the past. It’s amazing how one moment in your life can change everything. Finally put up the New York Summer Tour for 2024.

UPDATE: 10/25/2023
After returning from New York, I had to have surgery. I am finally starting to get back on the schedule . This Saturday (10/28) I’m back at Tommy Bahamas 5:00 to 9:00 and next Thursday (11/2) The Sailfish Marina 5:00 to 9:00.

UPDATE: 3/28/2023
We’ve already booked our regular New York Summer Tour. We’re back at The Flip Side, The Arcade VFW, and Allegheny Hills Golf Course. See the Tom And Bonnie July 2023 New York Summer Tour for the exact times and dates. If you would like to add a date while we’re up there text me at 561-236-8205 or email tomcolombo@aol.com. See you up there.

UPDATE: A new beginning for a new year. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE. The schedule is starting off slowly, but slow but shore wins the race. Looking forward to a great year ahead of us.
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