Tom Colombo

Tom Colombo has been playing music in the West Palm Beach area for over twenty years. The wide selection of music, the style of performance, and the full band sound of Tom Colombo lends itself to cover many different occasions.

Also, Tom performs with his wife, Bonnie (Abbott-Colombo), so the availability of a solo or duo act adds to the variety. Although Bonnie is from Java Village, New York (South of Buffalo) and Tom Is from Long Island, New York,(South of everywhere) they both met in West Palm Beach, Florida and have been together ever since.

Tom and Bonnie

Tom and Bonnie have been working together as a duo for over twenty years as well. They’re available for private bookings, be it a corporate function at the Four Seasons, a private gathering at your country club, or just a fun party in your backyard.

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The Wide Selection

50’s, 60’s, Motown, Buffet, Reggae, Country, Rock & Roll and Space Rock.

Some of the artist covered: The Temptations, Wilson Picket, Jimmy Buffet, Bob Marley, Toby Keith, Eric Clapton and Pink Floyd. Click for a partial list of songs.
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The Style

South Florida Theme, but almost anything goes (which is pretty much the South Florida Theme as well).
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The Sound

Tom's sound ranges from single guitar backing to using several guitar sounds and Bonnie on the bass guitar with a drum accompaniment. The access to recording time at owned and operated by their son Daniel Colombo, allows Tom & Bonnie to add keyboards, horns, and whatever else is necessary to make sure the sound is genuine. What you hear when they play live is a combination of all of the above: A mix of their studio work with live instrumentation and vocals.
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In a Nut Shell

The act works well indoors and out; for family gatherings as well as corporate functions with a South Florida feel. Tom & Bonnie have been a welcomed additions to clam bakes, seafood nights, happy hours by the pool, cooperate functions on the lawn at the Breakers, and country themed barbeques, to name a few.

Creative Nights

Recently, a request was made to play classical arrangements of Beatles music for an outdoor wedding ceremony at The Admiral’s Cove.

After weeks of arranging and rehearsing, Tom was now part of a new alternative to the traditional wedding ceremony. After the ceremony, Tom & Bonnie performed inside in the lounge for the cocktail hour before the reception. This is just one example of the adaptation and flexibility the duo offers.

Tom has also performed as a “strolling musician”

for functions at some country clubs and hotels for a more personal and unique addition to a function that would like entertainment but not the stage taking up space or the amplified sound disrupting the proceedings.

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